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Install From cPanel Using Softaculous

Steps to setup cron for seo panel

If you have any issues while cronjob setup, Please contact seo panel team or open a ticket in support system

The following steps will help us to setup cron for seo panel to automatically generate reports at required intervals. It will help us to automate the process of report generation of seo panel.

1. Sign in to seo panel as Admin User

2. Go to Admin panel using top menu

3. Select Seo Tools Manager from left menu of the page.

4. Activate required seo tools by clicking activate link under cron tab, to include it in to report generation cron.

5. Go to Reports Manager => Cron Command from left menu of the page.

Then setup your cron by using cron command from above page in your daily cron job.

To setup cron job through cpanel, you can use following tutorial -

Linux Users

*/15 * * * * php /opt/lampp/htdocs/seopanel/cron.php

This will generate seo panel reports at each 15 minutes of each day.

Note: Please refer following link to split up the cron job execution for better stable results -