New responsive theme for seo panel – Odobox is released.

Dear Seo Panel Users,

We are really happy to inform you that new responsive theme for seo panel – Odobox is released.



Main Features of Odobox 1.0.1

1) Responsive design – Seo panel easily accessed throgh phones, ipad, iphone etc

2) Cool design – Beautiful design with user friendly interface.


There are lots of features under this theme, Download it today itself and enjoy the features. We are working on new version of Seo Panel 3.8.0, please support us by ordering this plugin.


Please download latest version of Seo Panel from


Also Please vote for seo panel using below link to include Seo Panel in Bitnami project.

Seo panel reports are not generated after upgraded to 3.7.0?

Hi Guys,

In seo panel 3.7.0, we have updated the number of keywords to be checked in each cron job execution to 1 for efficient report generation.

Please change your cron job settings to execute cron in every 15 mins. That will give you more accurate results by preventing captcha in search engine results.

*/15 * * * * php seopanel/cron.php

To setup cron job please check following link

Thanks for using seo panel ??

Invalid dates in graph of seo panel version <= 3.7.0

Hi Guys,

In seo panel version <= 3.7.0, we have found an issue of invalid dates are showing in graphical reports.

It can be fixed easily by following steps

1) Open file seopanel.v.3.7.0.beta/controllers/report.ctrl.php

2) change line number – 434




That will fix this issue. We will add this fix in future version :)